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Welcome to BladeTec industrial supply – Your band saw blades supplier

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  • Welcome to BladeTec industrial supply – Your band saw blades supplier
Welcome to BladeTec industrial supply - Your band saw blades supplier 1

We are an industrial supply company that offers high-performance band saw blades for the most arduous industrial and commercial projects and in-house welding services. With the launch of our newly renovated website, we will be writing monthly blogs for our viewers. These blogs will have industry tips, tricks and information on all BladeTec industrial supply applications.

At BladeTec we are passionate about band saw blades

Our band saw blades offer great value per cut, minimal downtime, high accuracy cuts and good profitability. Our business is based out of Calgary, Alberta and we are proud to serve all Western Canada with our services.


At BladeTec we are proud to supply Wespa/ Simonds products, which have been newly introduced and highly regarded in the Western Canadian market. Wespa products are unmatched in the band saw blade industry. They have exceptional quality, variety and value.
At our shop, we stock a broad assortment of these products. We make sure that we are always prepared for quick delivery and turn around on all our cutting applications.

The innovative European tooth design that the Wespa/Simonds line offers is extremely inventive. The products will extend the life and performance of the blade, increasing your performance.
Wespa is a leading manufacturer in the world of sawing tools. The company prides itself on its unmatched variety of exceptional products. BladeTec in partnership with Wespa, works to exceed the expectations of customers, by surpassing the requirements necessary for industrial and commercial products.

Did you know that BladeTec is one of the very few weld centres found in Western Canada?

Why Choose BladeTec?

1. We are local: as a Calgary based weld centre, we are passionate about serving our city and extending our services to other parts of Western Canada. In Calgary, we offer on-sit troubleshooting and will also we offering blade sharpening for most carbide and HSS cutting tools in house, very soon.

2. We only supply premium quality: exceptional quality means tougher, stronger blades and that means increased professional performance. We offer competitive pricing on all of our machine sales on products such as Hydmech and Durma.

3. We are always available: through our customer service representatives, we promise to be available by phone call or even on-site for any troubleshooting or technical difficulties. We stand by having a solution for all bandsaw cutting application challenges.

4. We mean business: we know how important it is that we complete our work in a timely manner so that you can get back to yours. We are proud to commit to getting most of our jobs done in only 24hrs.

BladeTec continually strives to meet and exceed the requests of our active and ever-changing market. We offer incomparable value with a wide range of product in stock and are prepared for quick delivery for all cutting applications.

Our promise is all backed by a tech support team second to none!

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