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Troubleshooting common problems | Bandsaw Blades

Troubleshooting common problems.

Here are some answers to common problems you may have when cutting various materials.  If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’re here to help!

Troubleshooting 1

Stripping Teeth

  • Too many teeth, or too few teeth in the cut.
  • Parts not held securely – use a third clamp or weld ends
  • Feed rate too high or speed too slow
  • Poor butt weld
  • Chip brush not working, causing chips to overload gullets
  • Check coolant concentration
Troubleshooting 2

Band Breakage

  • Worn guides
  • Guide arms set too far apart
  • Diameter of wheels too small – use thinner bands
  • Band tension too high
  • Feed rate too high
  • Poor butt weld
Troubleshooting 3

Crooked Cut

  • Dull blade
  • Improper break-in
  • Guide arms too far apart or out of alignment
  • Damaged roller or carbide guides
  • Feed rate too heavy or blade speed too slow
  • Tooth pitch too fine
  • Band tension too low
  • Vise clamp out of square
Troubleshooting 4

Premature Dulling of Teeth

  • Improper break-in
  • Check coolant concentration and flow
  • Check chip brush
  • Check feed rates and blade speed
  • Select proper tooth pitch
Troubleshooting 5

Rough Cut

  • Band speed too slow and feed rate too high
  • Improper break-in
  • Dull or damaged teeth
  • Check chip brush
  • Poor butt weld