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The Tooth Guide for Band saw Blades

Band saw Blades

Determining the proper tooth set is integral to the productivity and execution of band saw cutting. The shape of your blade’s teeth determines the number of cutting factors including but not limited to the: cut quality, chip-carrying capacity, lifespan of the blade, and the cutting efficiency.

In addition to the shape, it is also important to consider the tooth set. The blades tooth set refers to the angle at which the teeth are set at and the set directly affects the cutting performance as well.

Our team at Bladetec Industrial Supply Inc. are true experts when it comes to all things bandsaw related and that is why we have constructed this easy tooth guide and glossary to help you learn more about what kind of tooth cut might be best for your project. Keep reading to learn more.

Alternate Tooth Set

Alternate tooth sets are just as they sound; the teeth literally alternate on this blade. On an alternate tooth set, the teeth will alternate with one tooth going left, the next going right and so on. This blade cuts quickly and is highly efficient; however, it is not ideal for smooth finish work.

Hook Teeth

Hook teeth are blade sets that have deeply set large teeth that are set at a 10-degree rake angle. This tooth set promotes a fast cutting rate and is best suited for long cuts. Hook teeth are a great choice for hardwoods, plastic and metal.

Raker Tooth Set

Raker sets refer to any tooth combination that falls in a pattern, every raker set will have varying angles. The basic raker set has three teeth within the set and is sequenced “left, right, straight”. The straight tooth in any raker set is referred to as the “raker”.

Regular Teeth

Regular teeth and regular tooth blade sets are best suited for all-purpose cutting. The teeth on this blade are set equally apart and are best suited for thin materials.

Skip Teeth

Skip teeth are set at a 0-degree rake angle are best sooted for materials that are prone to clogging like softwood and some plastic. Skip tooth blade sets are set widely apart and this is what promotes and prevents the blade from clogging during your cutting.

Variable Pitch

Variable pitch blade sets are blades that have alternating sets of teeth which are varying in size. Variable pitch blades provide a fast, efficient cut with a smooth finish.

Wavy Tooth Set

Wavy tooth sets are made of a small tooth set closely together. The teeth are set right and left which are separated by unset raker teeth. Wavy teeth are best suited for cutting sections of metal materials and thin sheets of softer metal.

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