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The Secret to the Perfect Cut of Aluminum


Aluminum is a moderately soft but strong metal that is lightweight, ductile, flexible and corrosion-resistant. Often used for transportation, construction and electrical, this unique metal has unbeatable strength, compared to its weight, and is easy to maintain with its inability to corrode. Aluminum comes in a variety of colours that usually range from a dull greyish colour to silver, depending on the surface coarseness. The versatile metal is non-magnetic and low density making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of projects. This unique metal also conducts heat well and does not easily ignite, making it a top choice for everything from rail cars to Apple computers.

There is a new focus on using metal materials that are easy to produce, long-lasting and better for the environment, and metal fabricators are eager to learn about the best ways to process aluminum materials. Processing aluminum materials starts with the right cut and that is why we are here today to discuss the best blades for cutting aluminum.

In the past, circular saws were what was typically used to cut softs metals such as aluminum; however, now, because of recent progressions in bandsaw technology, this is changing. Bandsaws now feature impeccable controls for ramp feed and speed, which can allow the blade to enter the cut slowly before it speeds up and then similarly slow down at the end of the cut; making it much easier and accessible to cut materials such as aluminum. You see, entry and exit are the two zones where the chance for blade malfunction or material damage is greatest, especially with a more delicate material such as aluminum, but luckily this new technology can control the process and eradicate this issue. With a smaller capital investment than a circular saw, this bandsaw technology is a game-changer for metal fabricators.

Carbide Blades

As we know, aluminum is a relatively soft metal and therefore the use of carbide blades seems suitable because it can easily cut through metal. However, what would you say if we told you there is another option? Did you know that there is a less costly, more efficient blade that can cut aluminum in an excellent and efficient manner?! This blade is known that the hardback carbon blade and it is designed to cut aluminum and other soft materials such as brass, wood and plastic. This exceptional blade can provide a straight and accurate cut with appropriate tension, ensuring a smooth cut every time. Now, many know this blade as a woodcutting blade; however, it provides excellent cutting results on other soft materials, not just wood. Because the teeth are hardened and coupled with a spring-tempered back, the blade provides high tensile strength.

The hardback carbon blade is the most economical choice for cutting aluminum and is truly an industry-leading bandsaw blade with its ability to cute a wide variety of materials.

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