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Picking the Right Band-Saw Lubricant

Picking the Right Band-Saw Lubricant 1

A band saw machines require regular maintenance with an oil-based fluid in order to keep their operation running smoothly but sometimes it can be challenging to know which lubricant is right for your blade and/or project. Basically, the band saw lubricant is formulated to reduce rusting and friction between machine parts, preventing operations from being interrupted and maintaining the life of the band saw. A variety of lubricants are available on the market, and each suits unique purposes and types of machinery, but generally, all band saw lubricant is oil-based. Below are three of our industry’s top picks for lubricant.

Vegetable-Based Oil

Vegetable-based lubricants are natural lubricants that are made from products such as seed, grain or nuts and serve as a good alternative to petroleum oil. Vegetable-based oil lubricants are best used in high-production shops with equipment made of materials that are possibly more challenging to maintain; this includes materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. Vegetable-based oil lubricant is a great band saw lubricant as it is an environmentally-friendly option that does not harm the environment and it is biodegradable. Vegetable-based oil lubricant also limits fluid disposal costs, without losing lubricating quality.

Spray Mist Lubricant

A spray mist lubricant is a great option for projects that only need a limited and measured amount of lubricant. Many consumers enjoy spray mist lubricant because the lubricant consumption costs can be measured and often reduced. Spray mists dispense approximately eight ounces of a band saw lubricant in an eight-hour period, and are intended to replace flood coolant. Spray mists are very versatile and can be utilized on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Spray mist lubricant contains both synthetic and raw renewable components.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

A semi-synthetic oil band saw lubricant is a combination of mineral and synthetic oils. The benefit of synthetic oil in this lubricant is that it improves the viscosity and lubrication properties of mineral oil. It is also a very cost-efficient form of lubricant. Semi-Synthetic oil lubricant improves general machining capabilities of band saws made from ferrous metals, stainless steel and most types of aluminum. Semi-Synthetic oil can also provide rust protection and does not leave behind a sticky residue on the machinery.

We hope that we have helped you learn more about the band saw lubricant on our blog today. As always, if you have any questions pertaining to the maintenance of your machine please do not hesitate to contact BladeTec Industrial Supply today!

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