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How can You Maintain Band-saw Blades to Keep It Performing at its Peak?

  • Bandsaw Blades
  • How can You Maintain Band-saw Blades to Keep It Performing at its Peak?
Band-saw blades

Band-saws and Band-saw blades are a remarkable, efficient and durable technology that has changed the sawing game over the past few decades. Whether you are repairing, building, constructing or mending, the bandsaw and its multifunctional blades will get you from A-Z efficiently, minimizing hiccups and/or mishaps along the way.

However, like any other machinery, your bandsaw and bandsaw blades will need some love and care in order to ensure they maintain their integrity over time. To prevent deterioration there are a few simple steps you can follow to guarantee the longest life out of your machinery, here is our simple guide:

1. Perform maintenance consistently

Waste material and other debris can get caught up in your band-saw and band-saw blades overtime causing the saw to malfunction. Performing proper and consistent maintenance is the best way to stay on top of this build-up so that your machinery can work at 100% capacity during your sawing jobs. How often you perform maintenance will depend entirely on how often you are using your band-saw and specific blades, and what kind of jobs you are performing.

So, unfortunately, there is no formula we can share on how often you should be performing maintenance. Nonetheless, we would suggest checking the machine as frequently as every couple of times after use. You will definitely not have to perform work after every check; however, this frequent inspection will work as insurance on the band-saw and the band-saw blades, helping you avoid long term damage.

2. Use the proper material with the proper blades

This may seem like a no brainer but we, unfortunately, see damage come into our shop after the wrong blade has been used for the wrong material. If you need help finding out what blades are right for your sewing project, you can read back on a few of our blogs to learn more about picking the right blade for your job; remember every different kind of material requires a different width, thickness, blade set and a number of teeth.

3. Maintain the teeth on the blades with lubricant

One of the best tricks to ensuring not only clean cutting but safe cutting is maintaining your bandsaw blades with lubricant and/or wax. This “greasy” material will help the blade grip the material you are cutting, which will allow for a smoother easier cut.

4. Sharpen your blades professionally

Did you know that we sharpen blades in house here at Bladetec Industrial Supply Inc. if your blades are in need of a tune-up we can sharpen them up for you in the house? Blades should be sharpened professionally to ensure there is no damage made to the blade and that the sharpness of the blade is consistent. Consistent sharpening will prevent hairline cracks from occurring in the blade’s teeth which can cause the blade to malfunction and/or get stuck.

If you have questions on how to maintain the integrity of your band-saw or band-saw blades feel free to contact us today. We offer over the phone advice, instore servicing and can even come to you.

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