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General tips & Advice | Bandsaw Blades

Observe start-up program

What is important:

Coolant / Cutting fluid

What is important:

  • Use a cutting fluid that is recommended for the intended operation
  • Use the recommended concentration of cutting fluid
  • Check that the coolant is applied at the correct pressure

Work piece

What is important:

  • Make sure the work piece is clamped securely and can not vibrate or rotate.
  • Do not use work pieces that are damaged, twisted or severely deformed
  • The closer the guide of the band saw is to the work piece, the more precise the cut will be.

Bandsaw Machines

Check regularily

  • Function of the chip brush
  • Function & concentration of the coolant
  • Wear & paralleliam of the band saw guide
  • Blade tension
  • Blade speed

Optimal chip formation

  • Very fine and powdery chips indicate insufficient cutting pressure.
  • Thick, highly compressed and blue tarnish chips indicate overtaxing of the saw band.
  • Loosely rolled chips are a sign of good cutting conditions.

Optimal chip formation with customized bandsaw blades IPC Option

  • Optimum cutting performance with colored (gold to blue) chips.
  • Fine chips indicate insufficient cutting pressure.