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Finding the perfect metalworking blades

Finding the perfect metalworking blades 1

All the band saw blades we supply here at BladeTec Industrial are high-performance, suitable for all industrial and commercial blade cutting applications. This blog is intended to help you navigate and become educated on some of the different metalworking blades we offer here at BladeTec. Find out what kind of blade is best suited for you and your job.

Considering the tooth configuration

First, consider the tooth configuration that is right for you. By selecting the right tooth pitch you will optimize your cutting results.
If the tooth pitch is too small, it may result in uneven cutting. Chips could cause the cutting length to clog and cause the blade to be forced off of its cutting line.
If the tooth pitch is too big, the teeth may break due to the pressure put on individual teeth.
We suggest that there is always at least three teeth engaged to accomplish the desired cutting results. The material shape will affect the cutting efficiency. Challenging shapes can strip teeth so it is best to use a blade with less face rake angle.
Hard material needs small, strong tooth shapes whereas soft materials are much better with large gulleted blades.

What metalworking blades we offer:

BiTec Blade: this is an extremely wear resistant blade which is great for precision sawing. Use this blade on vibration-free materials of thin to medium density.

BiTec Plus: this is another high-performance band saw blade. The blade angle on this blade is a positive rake which offers exception cutting performance and long life. This blade has a high level of wear resistance and is precise.

XenoTec: this is a unique band saw blade with an innovative tooth design and spacing. This blade offers optimum cutting with its exclusive tooth geometry and it is suitable for a wide array of materials and jobs. Use the XenoTec for jobs involving tubes and structural shape in groupings or layers.

XTrema: this distinctive blade is specifically designed for cutting beams and profiles. The unique tooth set prevents blade pinching while cutting.

Super SCL: this is one of our newer blades and it is a remarkably high-performance blade with a positive rake angle. This blade is manufactured to cut hard materials such as stainless steel. For optimal precision, this blade requires smooth, vibration-free sawing.

DuroTec: this metalworking blade is made up of wear resistant steel tooth tips. It is suited for cutting cross section of medium to large size. This blade is also good at cutting hard metals.

If you are still having difficulty determining which blade is right for you please do not hesitate to reach out to our technical support. Our team will survey your cutting applications to find the perfect blade for your job’s needs.

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