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Band saw Blades

The Tooth Guide for Band saw Blades

Determining the proper tooth set is integral to the productivity and execution of band saw cutting. The shape of your blade’s teeth determines the number of cutting factors including but not limited to the: cut quality, chip-carrying capacity, lifespan of the blade, and the cutting efficiency. In addition to the shape, it is also important

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Band-saw blades

How can You Maintain Band-saw Blades to Keep It Performing at its Peak?

Band-saws and Band-saw blades are a remarkable, efficient and durable technology that has changed the sawing game over the past few decades. Whether you are repairing, building, constructing or mending, the bandsaw and its multifunctional blades will get you from A-Z efficiently, minimizing hiccups and/or mishaps along the way. However, like any other machinery, your

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Bandsaw Blades

What are the advantages of bimetal and carbide-tipped band-saw blades?

The cost of outsourcing manufacturing today is causing more and more manufacturers and industrial operators to seek a more cost-effective and efficient way to cut their steel products. Luckily, because sawing technology has become more widely accessible and manageable, the option for a business to cut their own metal is highly feasible. Sawing your own

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Bandsaw Blade

Four Pro-Tips for Picking the Right Bandsaw Blade

1. Consider the Width Blade “width” ultimately comes down to two things: the total capacity your bandsaw can work with and the minimum area you want to cut. The best starting point when considering these two integral components is no secret at all: take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are looking at

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Troubleshooting Your Bandsaw

While we do our best to offer our customers the clearest information possible on efficient bandsaw cutting- things can still go wrong. Unfortunately, due to their size and capabilities, fixing a bandsaw is not always cheap. Nonetheless, we can give you some industry tips and tricks for troubleshooting your machine before you have to call

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Saw Blade

Feel the Flutter- Flutter Testing Your Bandsaw Blades

Flutter testing is one of the most important and efficient ways to ensure your bandsaw performs a clean cut every time. Recommended by almost all blade and saw manufactures the flutter method is an easy and efficient way to guarantee your blade is ready to face even the toughest materials. The steps are relatively simple

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Choosing the Right Tooth

How many teeth do you need? In determining teeth per inch (TPI), it is important to consider a balance between the finish and feed rate. Typically, blades with more teeth will cut slower and smoother whereas blades with fewer teeth will cut faster, with a slightly rougher finish. When precision cutting any wood or metal

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The Secret to the Perfect Cut of Aluminum

Aluminum is a moderately soft but strong metal that is lightweight, ductile, flexible and corrosion-resistant. Often used for transportation, construction and electrical, this unique metal has unbeatable strength, compared to its weight, and is easy to maintain with its inability to corrode. Aluminum comes in a variety of colours that usually range from a dull

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Picking the Right Band-Saw Lubricant 1

Picking the Right Band-Saw Lubricant

A band saw machines require regular maintenance with an oil-based fluid in order to keep their operation running smoothly but sometimes it can be challenging to know which lubricant is right for your blade and/or project. Basically, the band saw lubricant is formulated to reduce rusting and friction between machine parts, preventing operations from being

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Band saws

A Few Cool Things You Need to Know About Bandsaw Coolant

Band saws and band saw blades are what we do at BladeTec Industrial Supply. Known as one of the most powerful tools in the trades sector, the bandsaw machine is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, such as different metals, woods and even synthetic material. Today, band saws can be found in almost

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