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Bladetec Industries Insider Tips and Tricks to Getting a Clean Cut Every Time

  • Bandsaw Blades
  • Bladetec Industries Insider Tips and Tricks to Getting a Clean Cut Every Time
Bladetec Industries Insider Tips and Tricks to Getting a Clean Cut Every Time 1

Bandsaw blades come in various options- the width, thickness, teeth, tooth style, material and more, are all elements that must be considered for your cutting job. When inquiring about purchasing a new bandsaw blade, our team at Bladetec Industrial Supply would be happy to help you make sure that you find the best blade for your job. Additionally, we can provide you with some industry tips and tricks to make sure you get a smooth cut every time. We know that you want to get the most out of your bandsaw blade and ensure a clean cut on even the trickiest materials. In order to guarantee the best workability from your blade, there are few maintenance tips you can consider before and during your cutting job.

Before you begin:

  1. Clear and clean your bandsaw table surface from debris left behind on a previous job. Ensure that you remove all sawdust and/or additional debris from the table, cleaning out even the smallest nooks and cranny.
  2. Clear the blade of any pre-existing sawdust buildup. A smooth blade results in a smooth cut.
  3. Apply lubricant to your blade and ensure that the blade stays lubricated throughout the cutting job. The lubricant will ensure that friction is kept to a minimum and enhance the performance of your bandsaw blade.


  1. Ensure that the tension on the V-belt motor is secure
  2. Remove the machines blade guides
  3. Ensure that the bandsaw tires are in good condition
  4. Mount the blade and apply project specified tension
  5. Close all machine covers
  6. Start the machine and begin

*proper machine testing is the best way to ensure that you eliminate the vibration and can cut smoothly with optimal performance.

Release the tension on your machine after you have completed your project:

Bandsaw blades will get hot from the friction of cutting. While working, they will expand and contract. Now imagine getting an imprint on your sofa cushions from sitting in one spot for too long… maintain your blade under a tension hold can create an imprint in the metal, similarly to the couch (but without the recovery). This kind of maintained tension could lead to premature failure of the machine due to metal fatigue. Additionally, if you leave band tight on the saw, distortion could occur to the crown and flatten the drive tires. Maintained tension is very hard on the life of your bandsaw, it can also stress the motor, shaft V-belt and drive pulleys.

We suggest that every time you finish working for the day, or complete a project, that you release the tension on the bandsaw blade. This will prolong the life of both your blade and your machine. While releasing, note how many turns you require to release the tension, when you start the project back up you can then just take the equivalent number of turns instead of performing another test.

As always, if you ever have any questions or difficulties with your bandsaw cutting please contact our team for professional service and/or troubleshooting

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