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A Few Cool Things You Need to Know About Bandsaw Coolant

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  • A Few Cool Things You Need to Know About Bandsaw Coolant
Band saws

Band saws and band saw blades are what we do at BladeTec Industrial Supply. Known as one of the most powerful tools in the trades sector, the bandsaw machine is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, such as different metals, woods and even synthetic material. Today, band saws can be found in almost every metal and woodworking shop across the globe, as they help take the load off of your challenging cutting projects. While heavy-duty and incredibly efficient, the band saw, like any other machinery, requires maintenance to keep them in excellent working condition. One of the best ways to consistently and easily upkeep the quality of your band saw and enhance the life of the machine is by using a band saw coolant.
Our team has put together a shortlist of things to consider when choosing and using the right coolant for your bandsaw. Remember, coolant is one of the simplest ways to protect the integrity and life of your bandsaw!

Coolant or Lubricant? How to tell the difference

Bandsaw lubricant does get confused for coolant from time to time; however, keep in mind that these two fluids are VERY different. Bandsaw coolant helps protect the cutting blade from excess heat during cutting projects whereas a lubricant is what allows the machine to make a nice smooth cut. This means that no, lubricant and coolant are not interchangeable as each is formulated with a specific task and goal for the saw.

How to Choose the Right Coolant

The coolant market is a relatively big one and different coolants have different jobs. For example, coolants that are used in heavy or industrial machinery vary from coolants used for band saws. Our experts at BladTec Industrial Supply are prepared with the knowledge to share any and all of the information you need to find the perfect coolant, right for your saw. Above all else, it is integral that you make sure that the coolant you have chosen is specially designed for band saws. Unfortunately, it can cause your cutting to be much more challenging and/or could even harm your blades if you don’t utilize the proper coolant. Some things to keep in mind when shopping for band saw coolant:

1. Use a fluid that is recommended for your intended operation
2. Use the right concentration of cutting fluid for your project
3. Ensure that the coolant is applied at the correct pressure

There are multiple kinds of bandsaw coolants on the market, each with different bases to suit different kinds of materials. Regular water-based coolants are probably the most versatile bandsaw option because they can work with most materials, such as aluminum and steel. Another great option is, evaporative coolant, which is best for applications that require faster band speeds and generally generate large amounts of friction.

Utilizing band saw coolant should be one of your maintenance priorities, in order to maintain the life of your bandsaw. However, it is not the only solution to maintaining the condition of your cutting tools. Coolant is just one part of your machine’s maintenance procedure. Read our blog on “Insider Tips and Tricks to Getting a Clean Cut Every time” for more useful maintenance tips for your bandsaw.

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